Pre-Trip Trailer Care before the Adventure

It’s the Australian dream to hitch up the trailer, head out on the road, and let the winds take over. Traveling around Australia is a journey that never fails to pay dividends. Its rich beauty and undisturbed coastlines ensure that both a weekend trip or a 6 month expedition will not disappoint.

What will bring disappointment is if the trailer isn’t properly prepped for the big journey. It’s crucial to take note of some important parts for pre-trip trailer care. There’s nothing that will kill an adventure faster than a loose hitch, a blown tyre, or a broken tongue. Take proper care this season before heading out on the Great Australian Road Trip.

Part Inspections Will Do Their Part

It’s important to check the various parts of a trailer for any noticeable and repairable faults. This includes checking the tyres for both the pressure and tread wear. Tyre damage is easy to spot and save some serious headaches a few hundred kilometres down the road. Trailer lights are a big factor that not only keeps the driver safe from other drivers on the road, but it also helps prevent unwanted tickets for faulty signals. Some of the other parts to check are the brakes, the bearings, the hitch, and the connections. A routine maintenance schedule will allow a trailer to go farther and longer.

Weight Limits Do Apply

A trailer has a gross weight and a tare weight. The gross weight is the weight of the trailer minus any other accessories. It’s the base number. But the tare weight is what catches people up. This is the weight of the trailer after all the added accessories, the camping tents, the clothes, food, and other parts are loaded up. This tare weight will affect the driving capacity of the vehicle as well as the strain on the trailer. Be aware of the tare weight limits and the road rules around the country.

Vehicle Maintenance

Just because the old Monaro has some “get up and go", it might not be the best towing vehicle for the trip. It’s vital to check that the towing vehicle can handle the weight, especially after long haul trips.  Taking care of the vehicle is taking care of the trailer as well.

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