Taking a trip in an RV can be an opportunity for endless fun. However, there is plenty of pre-trip care you should complete before setting out, and one of those should always be filling up extra gas cans and ensuring that you have enough propane for all your needs. What are 3 Benefits of Jerry Can or Gas Bottle Holders? Made from durable plated parts, jerry can or gas bottle holders can be equipped to a trailer or RV as a means to conveniently add additional gas reserves, both fuel- and propane-related. Some added benefits may include: 1. Aesthetics – Made from durable plated material..
Part of the trailer culture is not just about the experience and thrill of getting out onto the open road. A large portion of trailer owners like the feel and look of a vintage trailer. Buying a vintage trailer can be challenging if just starting out, so as a quick basics, here are the top tips to pricing and selecting the perfect old-time trailer. Do the Research There are plenty of resources online that offer practical advice to those starting out. Popular brands, good sources, models to look out; these are the sort of questions that a dedicated site to vintage trailers can offer. D..
If the family trailer has seen better days, it might be time to consider a renovation or restoration. If the seals are faulty, the fixtures are loose, or the trailer parts are worn, it can become road trip nightmare rather than a road tripper’s dream. Plan out the renovation on the family trailer with a few keys to a good trailer renovation. Plan out the Lifestyle for trailer renovations If the trailer is meant to simply be a place to escape for a weekend, it might not need a lot of work on the interior. The beds should be sturdy, the appliances should be well-maintained, but other than ..
A Family Trailer: Making Life (and Fun) Easier
With the kids in the car and plans for the weekend, families often set out for fun activities together. The possibilities are endless, but the right transportation and equipment is crucial. When the weekend’s over, the practical side of life comes into play. Home improvement projects, new life stages, or a move to new home require methods to make these needs a reality. Families may not think of it immediately, but owning a trailer can make several parts of life easier. Instead of scrambling to pack for vacations in multiple cars or borrowing a truck to transport camping gear, a trailer s..
The trailer industry serves a large crowd. There's a trailer for any and every kind of job. For the sports-oriented individual, there are trailers that can carry boats, dirt bikes, and other sporting vehicles. For those who aren’t sports driven, a selection leisure trailers for living quarters during camping trips might be more appealing to look through. Regardless of which kind of trailer you’re looking to own, don’t forget to keep these tips in mind while shopping around.  Figuring Out What Kind Of Trailer To Buy  Everyone lives a different lifestyle. There are plenty of reas..
It’s the Australian dream to hitch up the trailer, head out on the road, and let the winds take over. Traveling around Australia is a journey that never fails to pay dividends. Its rich beauty and undisturbed coastlines ensure that both a weekend trip or a 6 month expedition will not disappoint. What will bring disappointment is if the trailer isn’t properly prepped for the big journey. It’s crucial to take note of some important parts for pre-trip trailer care. There’s nothing that will kill an adventure faster than a loose hitch, a blown tyre, or a broken tongue. Take proper care this sea..
The joy of a caravan lies in its ability to stay on the road. To do so, it needs to be in good condition which calls for proper and regular maintenance. Understanding what lies beneath the caravan’s floor is crucial for keeping it in tip-top performance. 4 Major Parts That Lie Beneath a Caravan and Their Maintenance Procedures 1. Chassis  The chassis is the floor plan of the caravan. It is the skeleton that holds the caravan together. Although most chassis are made from galvanized steel, it’s essential to regularly inspect it for cracks, bends, and rusts. Any structural defe..
Jockey wheels are among the smallest of trailer accessories, but the job they do is enormous. A person who has never had to tow a vehicle may ignore the magnificence of a jockey wheel. Conversely, a caravan owner who occasionally or regularly needs to tow the caravan to a camping site knows how important the wheels are. Most caravan manufacturers incorporate at least a wheel in each caravan. However, over time, due to tear and wear, you may need to replace the wheel. Besides, you may decide to replace your jockey wheel with one that better handles the weight of your caravan. There are di..
Summer is finally here and you’re only weeks away from that vacation you’ve been planning. You’ve booked your location and all your gear is ready to go, but it’s also important to make sure that your trailer is in tip top condition and that you have everything you need. Get Trailer Parts Online Trailer accessories like jockey wheels and other trailer parts should be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary to ensure your trailer is functioning properly and safely. Whether you have a caravan, boat trailer, tent trailer, utility trailer, or any other type of trailer, it’s importa..